Air Quality Inspection

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Common Factors that Lower Air Quality


When it comes to heating and air conditioning, air quality refers to the cleanliness of the air inside of your business. Sometimes, fluctuating air quality may not be perceptible. Other times and more often times, air lower quality affects home lifestyle and personal health.   There are several indications to diagnose problematic indoor air quality. The most common signs include:


  1. Unusual odors

  2. Stale or stuffy air

  3. Poor airflow to rooms.


Other symptoms include dirty central heating or air conditioning equipment pieces, damaged flue pipes or unvented combustion air sources for fossil fuel appliances. Apart from inefficient heating and air conditioning equipment, there are several other reasons for lower air quality inside your business which can affect the health of your family.

Common Factors that Lower Air Quality


  1. You have recently renovated

  2. Have moved into a new building

  3. Are currently using new furniture, appliances and/or cleaning products

  4. Particles from these activities float around your home unable to be cleaned, which may be causing these health reactions.

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